H. C. Lee Dreadnought Driver

HC Lee Dreadnought Driver Tennis Racquet


1920 - In the 1920's a more classic, concave wedged frame started to dominate, and  became even more popular in the 1930's. Makers were now sanding and shaping the head for a more aerodynamic and lighter feel. This frame, still fashioned from bending a single piece of steamed wood around a centered mold, has a deep grooved handle, typical colorful whipping of the twenties and an unusual string pattern. In the center of the sweet spot is a configuration that would be illegal today! With a thinner gauged gut, there is a spiraling pattern that was intended to give more bite to the ball. The double strung mains also became a standard from the late teens to the 30's. Unusual, and in mint condition, this is a this very collectible racquet.