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Racquets, Memorabilia, Library, and the History of
Tennis at the Turn of the 20th Century 
(1873 - 1938)


The Driftway Collection

Tennis at the Turn of the 20th Century

From attics, barns, and country club storage sheds, priceless items of tennis memorabilia no longer lie forgotten.

THE DRIFTWAY COLLECTION is one of the world’s premier tennis collections.  For over 40 years the Driftway Collection has been celebrating  the history of tennis. It's curated pieces have been exhibiting in galleries,  appearing in publications, and used in  television and film around the world. 


In the public eye since 1987,  it always garners rave reviews wherever it appears.


This website will be updated regularly with holdings from the collection.



Maybe You've Seen It? 

Portions of the 2000 museum quality pieces have been seen on CBS, HBO, several cable network shows, and the BBC.  They have traveled to Grand Slam venues, as well as the ATP Senior Tour. The collection has appeared in numerous magazines:  TENNIS, WORLD TENNIS, RACQUET and the US OPEN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS MAGAZINE.

On it's journeys, the collection has focused on the years from 1874, when the first patented boxed sets of lawn tennis equipment appeared.  To 1938, when on that fabulous day 64 years later, a player achieved the first calendar year Grand Slam.

Relaying the complete story of tennis around the turn of the 20th century and its evolution from a casual backyard hobby to a huge international sport the decades prior to the second world war.

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