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Jim McCready

Retired from the Tennis Industry,

Collector, Curator, Author 

Jim McCready is the curator of the Driftway Collection which he started in the late 1970's.     He is a retired USPTA Elite instructor currently located in Charleston, South Carolina.  He confesses "a few old wood racquets on the pro shop wall have gotten a little out of hand."


He enjoys the quest to collect memorabilia that fuels his research into the history of racquet sports.  Jim has authored many articles on the early days of both tennis and platform tennis.


Get in Touch With Jim

Historic Museum Quality Collection for Hire

Pieces of the Driftway Collection are available for appearances in publications, as props, and in galleries.

Jim is available for exhibition design, interviews and curation of anything tennis related. 

And, if the right opportunity presented itself...

   The collection is for sale. 

Send a note to

Ring him at (973) 647-2169

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